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Welcome on website of the oldest living history group remmembered just RAF and WAAF members in the Middle Europe.

It is my pleasure inform you briefly about our history, aiming and experiences.

We are the oldest living history group in the Middle Europe focused on history of Czechoslovak members of the Royal Air Force and the Women Auxiliary Air Force.

The living history group 276th Sqdn. (reenacted) RAF, o. s. was establish as group, concentrate people from different regions of the Czech republic with different interest in the Royal Air Force (fighters, bombers etc.). Something changed in our history, but we are still here and ready to cooperate.

Here is contacts to us:
Email: filip@276.cz
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KVH276

We remember the legacy of the members of the Royal Air Force and of the Women Auxiliary Air Force through so-called living history presentations. Our living history group takes part in aviation days both in the Czech Republic and abroad where it presents, among others, the outfits and equipment once used by RAF. It also cooperated in the shooting of several documents produced by both private companies and Czech Public Television, for instance:

Osud na nebi Josefa Janeby (The Fate in Josef Janeba’s Sky), production: Unitedfilm, o.s.
(Nepřítelem osudu (The Enemy of the Fate), production: Unitedfilm, o.s.)
Muž, který přecenil českou duši aneb Útěky Josefa Brykse (The Man Who Overestimated the Czech Soul, or Josef Bryks’ Escapes), production: Česká Television
Dejte nám křídla (Give us our wings)
Historie československého vojenského letectví 2 (The History of Czechoslovak Military Aviation, Part II), production: Midofilm

We proudly organized event The Meeting of the Sky Riders. Exhibition about Czechoslovak members of the RAF and the WAAF and legendary Czechoslovak movie the Sky Riders. This exhibition was held in the City of Prague Museum and in some other museums in years 2004 and 3005.

We prepared event Victims of the shoah and RAF members from Trhová Kamenice. This event took main part in year 2012. It contained exhibitions, meetings, trips and unveiling of the monument. Website is here, but main part is only in Czech language.

The Club has been engaged in the preparation of several exhibitions and it is a regular participant in commemoration ceremonies and in the unveiling of commemoration plaques or monuments.

If you want to see more, visit this photogallery.

Why we chose the 276th squadron:
Even though No. 276th squadron RAF really existed, our Club was named after the film Nebeští jezdci (The Riders in the Sky), the best film about the operation of our pilots during WWII that has ever been shot. You may have noticed that the film characters were members of No. 276th bombardment squadron that was made up of pilots of several nationalities; i.e. a fictitious squadron that had nothing to do with the real No. 276th squadron. Because the club members are interested in both bombardment and combat aviation, we did not want to ‘limit’ our activities to either a real combat or a real bombardment squadron. Moreover, we made it our goal to remember our veterans, be they fighters or bomber crew members or female members of WAAF.
Women were part of the army and military aviation. Our Club also has female members who represent the WAAFs that were joined, among others, by Czechoslovak girls and women

Our coat of arms:
The center is occupied by the Bohemian Lion finished in red, one of our state colors. Our motto says how and for whom we apply ourselves to reenacting – we do it for veterans. We want to express our respect for them (For them). Our Club was created out of our passion for RAF reenacting that we did not want to practice as individuals but in a team and, naturally, in the best possible fashion. One of the reasons why we pursue military history is the fact that we wish to remind our fellow citizens of our pilots fighting in WWII (For us). Finally, we engage in reenacting RAF because we want to preserve this period of our history for future generations (For you).