The Sky Riders

This page is dedicated to the Meeting of Sky Riders, organized by KVH 276th sqdn (reenacted) RAF, o. s. (Living history group 276th sqdn (reenacted) RAF, o. s.)
The Meeting of Sky Riders had two parts – the exhibition about making of the movie Sky Riders and about memory of RAF and WAAF members from Czechoslovakia held in The Museum of Prague in fall 2004.
second part – meeting of the actors and authors of the movie Sky Riders (correct name Riders in the Sky)and former RAF and WAAF members with public in Hotel DUO in Prague.
It was my pleasure, as grounder of the Klub vojenské historie 276th sqdn (reenacted) RAG, o. s. prepared this event.

You know the movie Dark Blue World, but don´t know The Sky Riders (Riders in the Sky)?
Here you will find more information, added as fast as possible. Not very fast, but enough.

It was a book before this movie.
Name of this book was Nebeští jezdci, The Sky Riders in English language. It was written by exRAF air gunner in 311 Bomber Squadron Richard Husmann, „covered“ under nick name Filip Jánský. This book was issued in early 60´ and described life, loves and death of members of crew in international bomber squadron during the Second World War. It was very popular, that author of this book meed director Jindřich Polák and they tried to write script of the future movie The Sky Riders. It was born, when Zdeněk Mahler joined.

The movie Sky Riders (Riders in the Sky) been made in later 60´ with not too much money and without planes. Main prop was wellington based on Li-2, useful only for taxiing. All planes airborne were from documentaries from Imperial War Museum or the movie Target for tonight. But it was made by hearth, because many exRAF worked on it too. For example – before first „clapboard“ it was line-up of actors and exWAAF Joy Kadečková Turner checked all costumes and actors, if are suitable for prepared scenes. It is better to see it, than describe. Somebody said, including me, that it is better than Dark Blue World. I think, that this claim could be good advertisement for this movie.

The Sky Riders has been accomplished in time of second occupation of Czechoslovakia (in 1968). It has it´s premiere, but it was prohibited for a time. It came back on silver screens after 1989 and it was reason be interested in history of our exRAF members not only for me. It was reason for name of our living history group. Why? Remmeber our number 276 and watch the Sky Riders carefully. We are proud, that Klub vojenské historie 276th sqdn (reenacted) RAF, o. s. remmembers our exRAF and exWAAF not only in words, but in activities like The Meeting of The Sky Riders or monumend dedicated to memory RAF members and victims of holocaust from Trhová Kamenice, East Bohemia, Czech Republic.

Mentioned event The Meeting of the Sky Riders gave chance to public remmember our exRAF members and this fantastic movie. It was possible to see pictures, props, personal items etc. about exRAF members, actors and authors of this movie, including correspondence with Imperial War Museum, what was important source of information and documents. It was possible to read texts, about making of this movie, part of scripts and of course information about all Czech squadrons in the RAF, fighter and bomber.

Meeting of the authors and actors of the Sky Riders movie and exRAF members contained discussion with actors of main characters, second director, architect, consultants, exRAF members were more then important guests.

We, Klub vojenské historie 276th sqdn (reenacted) RAF, o. s. (Living History Group 276th sqdn (reenacted) RAf, o. s.) are proud, that we organized this event The Meeting of the Sky Riders.

More information about this event, movie and book is here: http://jezdci/ In Czech language only yet. But it will be changed.

You find more information about our living history group and Czechoslovak men and women in the RAF and WAAF here as soon as possible.