Commemoration events, displays durong air shows, celebrations of historical anniversaries, lectures, exhibitions. As organises, co-authors or advisors made annualy tens of event for commemoration of Czechoslovak RAF and WAAF personnel.


Wings in Exile – Usworth

Our exhibition Wings in Exile will commemorate 80th anniversary of German occupation of rest of Czechoslovakia and outbreak of Second World War, 30th anniversary of fall of Communism, 20th anniversary of Czech membership in NATO (and 15th anniversary of Czech membership in EU, if you are interested). It will be placed in Usworth in August 2019.

This exhibition come back to United Kingdom with support of Spolek pro vybudování památníku Josefa Horáka a Josefa Střírbného, Mátl and Bula company, Křenek´s family and theirs company, Jiří Červený and Hana Bergmannová Klímová and her project about Czechoslovak airmen in the RAF and wellington plane Dobrodružství pana Wellingtona.

This exhibition will travel within location connected with Czechoslovak airmen in RAF. It was 55 OTU in Usworth, where Czechoslovak airmen were trained.

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