Riders in the sky
– international travelling exhibition

This exhibition present information about author of this core book „Riders in the sky“ or „Nebeští jezdci“, Richard Husmann, who wrote it under pseudonym Filip Jánský. Richard Husmann was Air Gunner in 311 Bomber Squadron and 3rd Czechoslovak Combat Aviation Squadron and served in USSR. You find here more about this book, making of the movie and Czechoslovak airmen. Do you know, that Imperial War Museum and its achives were involved in making of this movie? And that is just one aviation movie without any plane?

You can see more information not only about the exhibition here: jezdci.valka.cz


Panel 1
It was the book on the beginning. This book is named The Sky Riders, in Czech – Nebeští jezdci.

Panel 2 a 3
Richard Husmann – Filip Jánský – former air gunner in the RAF and Czechoslovak combat unit in the USSR, author of the iconic book and coauthor of the script.

Panel 4
Preparation of the movie – Imperial War Movie.

Panel 5
Preparation of the movie – from archive of Otakar Fuka, assitent of the director.

Panel 6
Historical inspiration – Czechoslovak airmen in the RAF.

Panel 7
Casting for the movie – pictures of actors, wh can took part in the movie.

Panel 8
Photos from the movie.

Panely 9 a 10
From the Li-2 to the Wellington. About the biigest and main prop in the movie. 1:1 replica of the Wellington plane.

Panely 11 – 14
Cities and places. Information and pictures about locations, where the movie Rky Sky Riders has been made.

Panely 15 – 18
Photos made during making of the movie. Author of photos is Zdeněk Dukát.

Panely 19 – 20



Exhibition is on 20 roll ups. They are delivered in 6 boxes. Every box is near 25 kg heavy. Other dimensions are for request. It is very easy to errect it. Every panel is 85 cm wide and 200 cm tall. This exhibition is not suitable for outdoor. If you are interested in it, we will send it to you via delivering company.

Every person, who borrow this exhibition is respobsible for its condition including paper transport boxes. Bosth small and large boxes have to be closed and sealed. Side of bases are very fragile!

During the erection you have to follow the instruction. Time for erecting of the exhibition is between 30 minutes and 1 hour. It is very easy. One person can do it.

For every ocasion the treaty must be undersigned. Every person, who will borrow this exhibition will pay all damages.


Do you have some question about this exhibition or do would you like to order it? Send us your request: filip@276.cz.

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