Living history group 276th Sqdn. (reenacted) RAF in year 2018

Here are pictures from events attend by living history group 276th Sqdn. (reenacted) RAF or our members.

Vintage ball and commemoration of airmen from village Moutnice

Moutnice, 3. 2. 2018

Launch of reedition of legendary book of Ladislav Sitenský Peruť 312 – 312 Squadron.

Prague, 13. 2. 2018

Czechoslovak books about Czechoslovak airmen have strange destiny sometimes. Book about 312 Squadron and its airmen could be printed in year 1948, but Communist destroy it and prohibited its print. Just some prits were saved. Now this book was printed again.

Commemoration of Jan Hadrávek, RAF

Grammar school, Dolní Bukovsko, 23. 2. 2018

Commemoration of 74th anniversary of the Great Escape

Zagan, Poland, 24. 3. 2018

We had to great opportunity be in same day and hour, just 74 later, on place of exit of the tunnel Harry. It was breathtaking experience.

Commemoration of František Novák, RAF and 100th anniversary of establishment of Czechoslovakia, exhibition Wings in Exile

Commemoration of Czechoslovak airmen born in Pilsen – Karlov

Pilsen – Karlov

100 anniversary of establishment of Czechoslovakia

Čejč, 28. 10. 2018

Exhibitions and commemoration event. We attend celebration event of 100th anniversary of establishment of Czechoslovakia in one of the best places, in Čejč, South Moravia. Why? Because Czechoslovak first president, Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk was trained as blacksmith here in Čejč. It was our second exhibition here and very cooperation from representatives of Čejč again. We presented exhibition about the movie Riders on the Sky and WAAF dressed mannequin for first time.

Unveiling ceremony of statue dedicated to memory of RAF air gunner and fighter pilot František Truhlář

Jičín, 21. 11. 2018

Commemoration Wings in Exile

Gymnasium Havlíčkův Brod, 14. 11. 2018

Commemoration of Out Distance paragroup

Ořechov u Telče, 28. 4. 2018

Our exhibition about Riders in the Sky was lend for this event.

Commemoration of Jan Matějka, RAF

Radomyšl, 7. 5. 2018

Commemoration of Jan Hadrávek, RAF,
Exhibition Wings in Exile

Horní Bukovsko, 26. 5. 2018

The night in the museum

Přerov, 25. 5. 2018

Commemoration of RAF airmen from Vsetín region

Ratiboř, 26. 5. 2018

Commemoration of Czechoslovak airmen in RAF Karel Šťastný

Hošťálková, 2. 6. 2018

Air show we fly to holidays – Odlétáme na prázdniny

Kunovice, 30. 6. 2018

Opening ceremony of the feast exhibition, commemoration of František Masařík, MBE, AFC and František Vindiš, DFC

Čejč, 6. 7. 2018

Aviation show Flying Legends

Imperial war museum Duxford, 14. 7. 2018

Our friends from United Kingdom invited us again to attend Flying Legends Air Show in Duxford. Because it was 100th anniversary of establishment of Czechoslovakia, Czechoslovak Air Forces and RAF, we presented here our exhibition Wings in Exile and with our colleagues from Čeští RAFáci equipment of Czechoslovak airmen too. This year we visited this event in most largest contingent with RAF reenactors from more Czech groups – as written above + Biskupští manpvé from Kroměříž.

Lecture about Czechoslovak airmen in RAF and women in WAAF, commemoration of Arnošt Freiberger

Municipal museum, Krnov, 21. 7. 2018

Air show Líně, Hangar 3, Classic Trainers

8. 9. 2018

Our friends from Classic Trainers prepared very nice air show and we and our exhibition about Riders in the Sky took part in it.

Retroměstečko event – Retro Town

Pardubice, 22. 9. 2018

Launch of first book about Czechoslovak airmen for children – Dobrodružství pana Wellingtona – Adventure of Mr. Wellington

Prague, 24. 9. 2018

Book Dobrodružství pana Wellingtona – Adventure of Mr. Wellington described story of crashed wellington, who was ůeft after WW2 in Czechoslovakia. It is in hangar and two boys would like to repair it and find its crew.

Unveiling of new grave stone on grave of Jaroslav and Yvonne Libichovi, RAF and WAAF

Mladá Boleslav, 29. 9. 2018

Day of uniformed corpses

Kroměříž, 6. 10. 2018

This annually event is meeting and presentation of uniformed corpses throughout history and various branches. It present not only army, but firefighters, police etc too. We attended with two our exhibitions – Wings in Exile and Riders in the Sky and small presentation of RAF and WAAF equipment.


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