Living history group 276th Sqdn. (reenacted) RAF in year 2009

Here are pictures from events attend by living history group 276th Sqdn. (reenacted) RAF or our members:

Aviation fair


We present here RAF and WAAF uniforms, equipment and gear for third time. Because our cooperation with USAAF reenactors, they had in our camp theirs exhibition, same as Royal Scots Fusiliers reenactors.

Commemoration of Vilda Jakš,
pugilist and Air Gunner, 311 Squadron


We attended commemoration of this brave man in village Bratčice, where he was born. We took part in commemoration ceremony and shown to visitors equipment and uniforms our RAF airmen. We visited a party held in gym in Bratčice, where is interior same as in time of Vilda Jakš, that we can feel great genius loci of this place.

Reenactors Weekend and commemoration of Dam Busters

East Kirkby

We attended the East Kirkby Reenatcors Weekend held on former air base of 57 and 630 Squadrons. That we have interesting possibility to visit this place, great event and many museums there, that we present Czechoslovak airmen here on British soil again.

Very strong experience was commemoration event for Dam Busters in Woodhall Spa and theirs former Officers Mess in Petwood Hotel. Our visit of Blue Bell, pub visited by Dam Busters crew and danding party in front of Lancatser plane just Jane were also experiences, difficult to forget. 

More information about Dam Busters and this location you can find here

Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre
Petwood Hotel – former Officers Mess 617 Squadrons
Blue Bell – restaurace Dam Busters

Making of documentary History of Czechoslovak military aviation, part Nedáme se – We will never surrended

Our part in this series was remmembered history of Czechoslovak airmen in the RAF and theirs destiny. Unfortunately, this series, planned with more episodes, has just two.

Commemoration of P/O Jindřich Beneš, DFC

Horní Jelení

Some members of our living history group attend ceremony for commemoration of pilot of 311 Squadron RAF Jindřich Beneš, DFC. It was held in a grammar school in Horní Jelení, which was visited by him.

Commemoration event held in villages or towns, where was an airman born, is very nice experience. You have unuqiue opportunity to visit place, where he was born, live, you can sometimes met his relatives and mainly you can attend very good event, prepared by real enthusiasts.

P/O Jindřich Beneš, DFC
Website of Horní Jelení

Commemoration of Out Distance paratroop

Ořechov u Telče

As I wrote before, we are invited to attend events connected not only with RAF. That we attended ceremony in Ořechov u Telče, where not only citizen from this village, but our soldiers too commemorate Out Distance paratroop, which was deployed here on 28 March 1942. Adolf Opálka and Ivan Kolařík were mainly commemorated and outher paratroops too during commemorative event. Two exhibitions were part of this event – exhibition of equipment of Czechoslovak soldiers and airmen in the WW2, thanks to Living history groups Pětačtyřicítka Brno and our living history group.

Out Distance na wikipedii
Zrádce Čurda v pořadu České televize

Meeting of airmen

Aviation museum, Deštná

We were invited by our friends from Klub historie letectvi (Society of history of aviation) to attend annual meeting of RAF war veterans and commemoration event for remmembrance of air battle over Jindřichův Hradec. This events is very nice, because unfortunately is still less and less opportunities to meet RAF war veterans.

Klub historie letectví Jindřichův Hradec
Aviation museum Deštná, south Bohemia

65th anniversary of the Great Escape – escape of POW from Stalag Luft III Sagan


We took active part in commemoration event organised for this event. We reenacted life in Stalag and exhibit RAF equipment in replice of 104 hut. Because we stay here not only one day, we have great opportunity walked through way of the Great Escapers from exhit from the tunnel Harry to freedom and visit railway station, target of many escapers. We remmembered three Czechoslovak participants, including Arnošt Valenta, who was murdered by Gestapo after being caught.

Museum of POW in Sagan

Vernissage of the exhibition
“Airmen from Zlín region in WW2”


Thank to great enthusiasts Ladislav Slámečka we attended exhibition “Airmen from Zlín region in WW2”, which was held in Bata´s skyscraper in Zlín. This exhibition commemorated Adolf Doubal from Trhová Kamenice too. He was a fitter in the RAF during WW2.

Living history group Army park Slavičín

Night in the museum

Aviation museum Kbely, Prague

We can not miss this event. In pas as visitor, now as part of exhibition.

Letecké muzeum Kbely

Remmembrace of the Air Battle oved Ore Mountains


Commemoration event attended by RAF, USAAF and Luftwaffe airmen. Very interesting event comprising commemoration event and many exhibitions, including our exhibition of RAF and WAAF equipment. But of course, the most interesting items are in the Museum of the Battle over Ore Mountains, including personal belongings.

Museum of the battle over Ore mountains

Lecture with col. Jaroslav Hofrichter,
311 Squadron and Margit Rytířová, WAAF


It was great honot to moderate this lecture with this two kind people. This lecture was organised by our friends from Army museum Zdice.


Commemoration of RAF members


We exhibit RAF and WAAF equipment as part of commemoration event prepared by Czech Spitfire Club in Police academy Jihlava.


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